School Improvement

School improvement is a continuous process and is rooted in analysis of the school’s performance. The School Improvement Plan outlines a number of key priorities for the year ahead. In this plan we aim to set out ways in which we can not only maintain performance but raise school standards and pupil achievement and enjoyment. Our staff, led by the Senior Leadership Team believes that having a relentless focus on teaching and learning will help to bring about continuous improvement.

If you feel you could help us in meeting some of these objectives, please don’t hide your light under a bushel, come and share them with us!

Priorities for the Current Year;

Mastery of mathematics: embedding pupils’ security and depth of understanding in ‘key performance indicators’.

We want all of our children to have the necessary mathematical facts and figures to hand so that they can recall them at speed when solving problems. We also feel it is important to ensure that they can explain their reasons for using certain strategies and how they have come to an answer.

Writing: Improving achievement outcomes for boys with low prior attainment, especially in Years 2, 5 and 6. Improving handwriting for all, ensuring that this is not a barrier to pupil’s outcomes.

We want all of our children to reach the highest standards possible in writing across the school and particularly at the end of Key Stage 2. Whilst writing is good, we want it to be even better!

Reading: Accelerating progress for pupils working currently below year group expectations.

Reading standards are high in our school. Year One phonics screening results are consistently high and whilst we feel that this is something we should celebrate, we want to ensure that that the children reach the highest levels possible across every year group.

SIAMS Priorities taken from our Church School Inspection February 2012

Offer opportunities for reflection and prayer time for staff.

Involve parents further in joining their children for worship.