Class Journal

Isle of Wight Friday 6th July 2018

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Year 5 Trip to Bath

Recently, Year 5 went on a special trip to Bath to see the Roman Baths. Not only did they get to walk around the historic Baths and learn about Roman architecture, they also got to see actual Roman artefacts up … Read More

Year 5 Victorian Day

Recently, Year 5 spent a day learning about the Victorians and experienced what it was like to be child approximately 150 years ago. The children had a Victorian lesson where they experienced the class work, routines and teaching of an … Read More

Year 6 Drama

We have been reading parts of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Through drama, we have explored the different worlds and characters within the play.  We used a variety of techniques: back to back reading and words across a space. We focused on … Read More

Isle of Wight Thursday 5th July 2018

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IOW Wednesday 4th July 2018

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Isle of Wight Tuesday 3rd July 2018

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Isle of Wight Monday 2nd July 2018

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The Moon Thieves

  Year 3 really enjoyed performing The Moon Thieves to family and friends. Here are some of the things they have written about the production…… Charlotte “We were filled with excitement and joy but very nervous as well. All of … Read More

Year 3 Landscape Artists

Children in Year 3 are busy working on landscape painting in Art this term. We have explored landscape paintings by different artists and had great fun learning how to mix useful colours using powder paints and water. We have observed … Read More

Year 6 DT Shelters

Year 6 we have been designing and making shelters as part of our DT topic. We used our skills and research from our preliminary activities to make good decisions about our structure. The design brief was to make a shelter … Read More


The Reception classes have visited St Peter`s Church to find out about how Christians might welcome a family member into the family of the Church. We enjoyed thinking about how important water is to us and we enjoyed listening to … Read More

Year 3 Rock Stars

Year 3 are busy being rock stars in Science this term. We have been examining rocks with magnifying glasses and learning the names of different rocks. We have also been setting up fair tests to discover more about rocks. We … Read More

Year 3 Magnets

Year 3 have had great fun exploring magnets this term and learning about how they attract and repel. We learnt about North and South poles and explored which materials were attracted to magnets. We conducted a range of experiments, including … Read More

Cadbury World

As part of our work on the Mayans, Alder and Rowan classes enjoyed a wonderful trip to Cadbury World!  The day involved a fantastic educational talk on The Mayans where the children learnt lots about Mayan culture and achievements as … Read More

Woodland in Reception

Oak and Elm classes have had the most wonderful time familiarising themselves with our beautiful Woodland Area over the past few months. From learning how to put on waterproof jackets and trousers to becoming accustomed to the few rules we … Read More

Year 3 Local History Walk

Year 3 had lots of fun and fresh air on Monday, going for a walk around the local area to learn about how the area has changed over time. We walked through the allotments and learnt that they used to … Read More

Art -Myself as an Artist

As part of our art topic, we have been exploring black and white media. We have discovered new mark making techniques and have enjoyed evaluating their effects. Over the term, we will be studying different artists and their influences. Van … Read More


Bikeability FOLPS have kindly paid for the whole of Year 6 to complete a Bikeability Scheme run by the Road Safety Team from Gloucestershire County Council. They have been out in all weathers and have clearly enjoyed every moment. This … Read More

Disgusting Sandwiches

In Year 2, we have been learning about instructions. We have written some instructions for how to make disgusting sandwiches for Mrs Grinling. We are hoping our recipes will scare away the seagulls once and for all. Willow class really … Read More