Class Journal

Isle of Wight 2017

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Fun on the Farm

On Friday 12th May Oak and Elm classes arrived at school with backpacks, wellies and waterproofs at the ready.  We clambered aboard the waiting coaches and buckled up ready for the gentle drive through the Cotswolds to our destination – … Read More

Jonah – a report by Frankie, Year 3

On Wednesday 15th March, Leckhampton Primary School, the hall in which the production was to be performed, was buzzing with excitement as the starting music began to play. First the children began to walk down, two by two, heads high … Read More

Biome project

In year 6 we have been learning different biomes! Biomes are different climate zones around the world. These include tundra, grasslands, deserts, deciduous forests, oceans and many more.  We learned the characteristics of the different biomes, including the unique habitats … Read More

What’s It Like Outside?

Oak and Elm classes have enjoyed becoming immersed in their new topic – ‘What’s it like outside?’  Each class has thought of lots of questions that they would like to discover the answers to over the course of the term … Read More

Year 3 visit to Waitrose

Year 3 have had a wonderful time on their visit to Waitrose. 3 Poplar went in the morning and 3 Chestnut went in the afternoon. Both classes learnt about different types of fish and had the opportunity to look at … Read More

Rocks are fascinating!

Children in Year 3 are having an interesting time in Science at the moment, finding out all about different types of rocks and their properties. We have been looking at rocks with the help of magnifying glasses and finding out … Read More

Cursive handwriting in Reception

In Oak and Elm classes we have been working  incredibly hard on our handwriting.  We learn how to form two new letters each week.  Over the course of the week we enjoy five different activities in a rotation that help … Read More

The Police visit Reception

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Chilled Chocolate Desserts

The children in Year 5 enjoyed a very chocolatey end to the Autumn term!  After a great visit to Cadbury World, Year 5 were very busy researching, designing and making their own chilled chocolate desserts.  Of course, there was also … Read More

Cadbury World

As part of our work on the Mayans, Rowan and Alder classes enjoyed a wonderful trip to Cadbury World!  The day involved a fantastic educational talk on The Mayans where the children learnt lots about Mayan culture and achievements as … Read More

Exploring Seasonal Changes

In Year 1 we are continuing to learn and find out about our four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We now know that colder weather comes in Autumn & Winter and that warmer weather comes in Spring and Summer. … Read More


As part of our art topic, we have been studying different artists’ painting and drawing techniques.  We have explored Van Gogh’s drawing skills using black and white media and we have also explored Mike Bell’s use of colour in his … Read More

Year 6 Compose

Friday afternoons have become very exciting and Year Six is especially the place to be if you want to get toe-tapping. With funding made available from our wonderful  friends at FOLPS, we have been able to provide all children in … Read More

James’ Christmas Scratch

Children in Year 3 have been busy this term creating short animations using the Scratch program. They have developed skills in creating sprites and backgrounds, changing costumes and writing scripts using programming blocks. All of the children did well but … Read More


In English this week, the children have been spotting the patterns in different poems, looking carefully at the structure and following it to write their own poem. The first poem we looked at used adjectives to describe an animal. Here … Read More

Hoses and stethoscopes

We have had a wonderful few weeks in Reception, welcoming lots of ‘People who help us’ in to our classrooms. On Monday 7th November we met firefighters who brought along their magnificent fire engine.  We had a go in the … Read More

Year 3 History Walk

Children in Year 3 really enjoyed their local area history walk. Here are some of the things they have written about what they learned….. (Saskia) First we went to the allotments, the allotments belonged to the church and part of … Read More

Science in Year 6

During science lessons this year we have been learning about the heart. We have learned all about its functions, what it is made up of and how it does the amazing things it does, over and over again! We also … Read More

Outdoor Learning Day

As part of our Prehistory topic the children were asked to create a Bronze Age/ Iron Age settlement in the school grounds from materials collected in the environs. As the photos illustrate, the children made some fantastic settlements using a … Read More