Year 3

Sibeal Pounder Visits Leckhampton

  On Friday 9th June, we were very pleased to welcome children’s author, Sibeal Pounder, to our school. She has written a series of books about witches and has just published the first book in a new series about mermaids. … Read More

Jonah – a report by Frankie, Year 3

On Wednesday 15th March, Leckhampton Primary School, the hall in which the production was to be performed, was buzzing with excitement as the starting music began to play. First the children began to walk down, two by two, heads high … Read More

Year 3 visit to Waitrose

Year 3 have had a wonderful time on their visit to Waitrose. 3 Poplar went in the morning and 3 Chestnut went in the afternoon. Both classes learnt about different types of fish and had the opportunity to look at … Read More

Rocks are fascinating!

Children in Year 3 are having an interesting time in Science at the moment, finding out all about different types of rocks and their properties. We have been looking at rocks with the help of magnifying glasses and finding out … Read More

James’ Christmas Scratch

Children in Year 3 have been busy this term creating short animations using the Scratch program. They have developed skills in creating sprites and backgrounds, changing costumes and writing scripts using programming blocks. All of the children did well but … Read More

Year 3 History Walk

Children in Year 3 really enjoyed their local area history walk. Here are some of the things they have written about what they learned….. (Saskia) First we went to the allotments, the allotments belonged to the church and part of … Read More

Year 3 visit to the Literature Festival

On Friday 7th October Year 3 went to see Martin Maudsley at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.  Martin explained to the children that he travels around telling stories that he has heard as well as stories he has created. Two girls … Read More


Children in Year 3 are busy learning to play the recorder. This term we are focusing on holding our recorders correctly and tonguing to produce clear notes. We are learning tunes using the notes B, A and G and we … Read More

How does it feel?

Year 3 have had lots of fun exploring how things feel in the school grounds and in their classrooms as part of their English learning this term. We touched a wide variety of objects and used powerful adjectives and similes … Read More