Sports Captains

Roles and Responsibilities

As part of Year 6, children have the opportunity to take on more responsibility by applying to become a Sports Captain. This process involves children writing a letter of application detailing their passion and commitment for sport and physical activity.  The children are then selected for the role of Sports Captain by a panel including, Miss Porter and members of SLT, Year 6 teachers and the School P.E. Co-ordinator.

Some of the key responsibilities of our Sports Captains include:

  • To work together as part of the team of Sports Captains.
  • To work with the P.E. Co-ordinator to organise and maintain school sports equipment.
  • To support staff in organising House sports which may include events such as tug-of-war, cross-country and sports day.
  • To help organise, run and referee House sports events as required.
  • To liaise with House Captains.
  • To wear the Sports Captain’s badge with pride.As well as the above responsibilities, a Sports Captain is expected to be a positive role model in terms of attitude, attendance, behaviour, manners and appearance to all members of the Leckhampton family.