Year 6

Isle of Wight Friday 6th July 2018

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Year 6 Drama

We have been reading parts of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Through drama, we have explored the different worlds and characters within the play.  We used a variety of techniques: back to back reading and words across a space. We focused on … Read More

Isle of Wight Thursday 5th July 2018

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IOW Wednesday 4th July 2018

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Isle of Wight Tuesday 3rd July 2018

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Isle of Wight Monday 2nd July 2018

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Year 6 DT Shelters

Year 6 we have been designing and making shelters as part of our DT topic. We used our skills and research from our preliminary activities to make good decisions about our structure. The design brief was to make a shelter … Read More

Art -Myself as an Artist

As part of our art topic, we have been exploring black and white media. We have discovered new mark making techniques and have enjoyed evaluating their effects. Over the term, we will be studying different artists and their influences. Van … Read More


Bikeability FOLPS have kindly paid for the whole of Year 6 to complete a Bikeability Scheme run by the Road Safety Team from Gloucestershire County Council. They have been out in all weathers and have clearly enjoyed every moment. This … Read More