Class 10 Get Filtering

In Science, we have been learning about solids and liquids. We investigated how mixtures of solids and liquids can be separated.


Solids can be separated using a sieve.

Liquids can be separated from solids using a technique called “filtering”.

We had a go at filtering different solids from water.


Here is a sample of how some of our Science work looks

Solution 1: Flour and Water

Method: We put flour and water in a pot and stirred it together. Put it through the test tube with the filter paper in a funnel and it acts like a sieve.

Observations: At the beginning the water was transparent. After we put the flour in the water was white because of the flour. It smelt like flour when we put it in the cylinder. There was a bit of flour left over on the filter paper.


By Fin, Lily and Rocky.