Making Christingles!

On Friday 1st February year 4 made Christingles.

First, Ruth separated us into 3 groups. Group 1 wrapped red tape around the middle of oranges. Group 2 wrapped tin foil around the bottom of small, white candles. Group 3 put a fruit pastille, 2 sultanas and a jelly baby on to some cocktail sticks. After that, some helpers from the church put 4 cocktail sticks in each orange and 1 candle in the top of each orange. Then the Christingles were complete.


What it represents

The orange represents the world. The red tape represents Jesus’s blood. The sweets represent the gifts God gives us. The cocktail sticks represent the 4 seasons. The candle reprents Jesus the light of the world.

By Edgar Gaze and Gabriel Burfitt


On the 1st of February 2013 year 4 went to the hall to enjoy the Christingle experience workshop.

First, Ruth, from St. Peters Church, explained what a Christingle is. We learnt the orange represents the world, the candle means the light of world, the sticks (four of them) mean the four seasons. The sweets shown on the sticks represent God’s gifts to the world, and last but certainly not least the red tape shows the blood of Jesus Christ.

There were three stations, one for wrapping foil around candles, one for putting red tape around the oranges and obviously our favourite the sweets!

Finally Ruth gave us a closing talk and we thanked her. We really enjoyed it. Thank you St. Peters J

By Emily Cannon & Milly Collins.