Surprise Visit!

Classes 1 and 2 got a surprise this week! We were sitting quietly on the carpet, when a police car and a motorbike drove onto the playground! Lots of police officers came into the classroom…..they even brought in their police dog Buddie!

We hadn’t done anything wrong…..they had just come to talk about all the important jobs they do and to show us some of the special equipment they might use in an emergency. We learnt how to phone the police if we needed them and Andy showed us how the police talk to each other when they are far away. Instead of using a phone, they had walkie talkies. We tried them out to see how they worked.

Next, we went into the playground. We sat in the police car and on the motorbike. We spotted lots of special buttons and lights. Buddie was very excited and showed us how clever he was at finding his ball. We hid it in lots of tricky places, but his super-sniffy nose helped him to find it again.

What an exciting morning!