Year 2 visit to Warwick Castle

On Tuesday 18th June Year 2 visited Warwick Castle. I went in the car with Mrs Kimpton and Mrs Gayler, it was a long way but finally we got there. First we saw the raising of the portcullis. I had a photograph taken with the Bowman.

 Next we went in the Kingmaker. There were models of people who worked for the King, like servants and people who made armour for the Knights. It was dark and spooky. The only light was made from lanterns and candles.

 Then we went to see a Trebuchet firing an 18 kilo boulder. Normally 2 people would run on the 2 wheels to raise the arm. It was a bit like a giant hamster wheel. We called loose and the arm shot up into the air firing the boulder over 100 meters to the flag at the other end of the island. I couldn’t eat my sandwich because I was so excited.

When I saw the Bowman I felt faint because I was so scared when he told disgusting and gory things!!!! I don’t even want to tell you about them!

Shortly after that, we went to the birds of prey show. We saw 4 birds, 3 eagles and 1 vulture. The first bird was one of the 3 eagles. He was called Bruce he was a replacement for his own father, who got fired because he ate different things daily. Next we saw the vulture called Dyson who had 2 girlfriends but instead of falling in love they spent their time beating him up because they were prettier and bigger than him.

Then we saw a fish eagle called Marvin, he was a baby and he did well because the first time the man brought Marvin, he sat on a log and didn’t do anything. We all gave him a round of applause, the man was surprised because the first time we gave him a round of applause he flew away.

It was a great day and I enjoyed myself. The birds of prey was my favourite part of the day. I would like to go back again one day, but not if that disgusting bowman is there!!

By Daniel


Year 2 Under Siege! by Miss Gray

In Year 2 we have immersed ourselves in Medieval history this term by travelling back in time to find out all about life in castles.

As part of our exciting Castles topic we visited Warwick Castle and had an amazing day exploring the castle, seeing the trebuchet being fired and watching a birds of prey display. We met different characters from Medieval times including a Bowman who gave us a demonstration of how to fire an arrow and how to remove an arrow if you are ever unfortunate enough to be struck by one on a battlefield! We looked around the grand state rooms and imagined what it would have been like to live in such splendid surroundings as a Lord or Lady.

Our visit has inspired our learning back in the classroom and we have been busy constructing Siege Machines, as part of our 'Wheeled Vehicles' D&T project, writing reports about how to train to become a knight and reading exciting stories like 'The Sword in the Stone'. We have also produced some eye-catching art work including; Coats of Arms, Medieval scrolls and Pennants.



On Tuesday 1st June 2013 all the Yr 2 went to Warwick Castle. Some volunteers came to help on the trip. A big thank you to all of them for giving up their day to go with us.

     When we got there, everyone screamed and shouted with excitement, ready to explore. (Ieesha)

     We walked to the peacock place and went to the toilet. The queue was ever so long and I was one of the people at the back. It felt like a century had gone by. (Hanna)

     I had my snack. I had a delicious apple, it was so juicy. It was then time to move on. I fell off the last step of the staircase. I had cut my knee – it looked like I had had a fight with a leopard and it had scratched me on the knee and its claw had stabbed me in the hand. (Sam C.)

     Next we went into the castle itself and looked at models of people in the olden days, like blacksmiths who made horseshoes and other things made of metal and fletchers who made arrows. (Emma)

     It was really scary in there; I did not know what to do. We heard some noises of the men working in the castle. (Joe)

     I saw a really cool man who shot arrows and he kept on saying gory things and I wanted him to stop it. (Frankie)

Whilst he was speaking he shot an arrow without looking and got a bull’s eye! I was amazed. (Ella)

     As I staggered to the bus I was worn out. But I was still amazed that the bald eagle was called Archie. We were behind a hay wagon, the journey home was tiring. I sat next to Sammy. I fell asleep on the coach. I loved the bald eagle. I loved the bald eagle so much that I dreamed about him. (Archie)

     I was overwhelmed by all the amazing things I saw at Warwick Castle. I was so excited to tell my mum and dad all about it. (Henry)

     Finally we got back to school. I was shattered! It was sooooo…. fun!!!! (Ella)