Green Fingers in Year 3!

As part of our science topic Mrs Wilkinson and Mr Carbin challenged Year 3 to grow a healthy plant to enter into a competition at the end of term. They were given geranium seedlings, a pot and some compost and then had to take responsibility for the health of their plant.

Last week we prepared our plants for judging. What an amazing display – and a huge dilemma for our distinguished judges!

Mrs East and Mrs Smith spent a long time choosing our winners. They were so impressed with our plants – they said that they would be happy to have any of them in their gardens at home. After much discussion and thought the decision was made.



Congratulations and well done to our winners –

Class 7

1st Erin and Anita

2nd Frankie and Daisy

3rd Ieesha and Alice


Class 8

1st Grace and Catherine

2nd James C and Charlotte

3rd Ruby and Percy


Well done to all of Year 3 for their achievements!


Sadly, Mrs Wilkinson and Mr Carbin were unable to enter their plants – they cut off the roots, removed the leaves and broke the stems when investigating the job of each part of a plant!!! There is no doubt now in Year 3 that a healthy plant needs all of its parts.