Year 2 Riddle me this!

Riddle me this!

Year Two have been exploring riddles in English this term.  We read lots of different riddles and had great fun trying to solve them!

We then went on to write our own riddles about different fruit and vegetables, they are on display in our corridor for you to solve.

Here are two of our riddles for you to puzzle over…

My skin sheds.

You can get me in red or white.

Usually you put me in a salad.

Although I can be raw, you can still eat me.

When you slice me, I make you have crocodile tears!

I am a type of vegetable.

What am I?

By George Thorogood (Class 6)



Sometimes I get shipped over with tarantulas!

You might find me in a shop.

I am sort of curved.

Be careful you might slip on me, “Whoops!”

I am also squishy!

I am yellow all over,

What am I?

By Isobel Burfitt (Class 5)