Year 2 Visit to Warwick Castle

In Year 2 we have immersed ourselves in Medieval history this term by travelling back in time to find out all about life in castles.

As part of our exciting Castles topic we visited Warwick Castle and had an amazing day exploring the castle, seeing the trebuchet being fired and watching a birds of prey display. We met different characters from Medieval times including a Bowman who gave us a demonstration of how to fire an arrow as well as lots of waxwork figures in the ‘Kingmaker’.

Our visit has inspired our learning back in the classroom and we have been busy constructing Siege Machines, (as part of our ‘Wheeled Vehicles’ D&T project), writing reports about how to train to become a knight and acting out exciting stories like ‘The Sword in the Stone’. We have also produced some eye-catching art work including designing our own Coat of Arms, which we have sculpted into a clay tile.

It was a fabulous day out and all the children were very well behaved… unfortunately Mrs Edden and Miss Gray ended the day in the stocks!