Year 6 Visit from Cheltenham Outreach Museum

Recently, Coralie Slade, who works at Cheltenham Museum, visited Year 6 to help us understand more about “The Home Front” during World War Two.

She brought in many artefacts which the children could handle and articles of clothing which the children could try on. We learned about evacuation (Leave them in the country, mother), food and clothes rationing (Dig for Victory and Make Do and Mend), shelters (Anderson and Morrison) and the blackout (Turn that light out).

Not only could we handle some genuine artefacts but we could also have some of our burning questions answered about Mickey Mouse gas masks, types of bombs, Winston Churchill and his siren suit, gravy browning painted on ladies’ legs and other pressing issues. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and I am sure they found it more informative than the normal school lessons.