Cheddar Gorge

On Monday 10th November 2014, Year 4 visited Cheddar Gorge. The children enjoyed a fantastic variety of activities linked to the Stone Age. In particular, we met a Stone Age man called Ug, explored Gough’s cave, toured the museum and climbed the 274 steps to the viewpoint at the top of Jacob’s Ladder. Here’s what the children thought about the day:

I really enjoyed going into the cave and seeing Cheddar Man! His skeleton showed fractures and breaks.

James Estelrich (Class 9)

Ug was funny! He showed us how to make fire, spears, arrows, string from stinging nettles and shape flint.

Emma Curtis (Class 10)

The walk to the top was fun because we could see for miles and count all the steps up to the big tower! It was 274 steps to the top!

James Chappell Smith (Class 9)

I loved the whole day!

Abigail Brooks (Class 10)