Famous Faces

Year Two have settled in well and have been enjoying our Autumn Term topic ‘Famous Faces’.  The first famous person we learnt about was Florence Nightingale and we continued the nursing theme by finding out about nurses in World War 1, to mark the Centenary.  We also thought about the significance of poppies and we created an eye-catching display of our collaged poppies.

We have been lucky enough to have lots of special visitors to help to bring history alive.  Last week we had an enjoyable talk from Mike who told us what life was like for soldiers in World War 1; he showed us lots of interesting memorabilia from WW1.

This week we were visited by three nurses; Maggie Arnold, Lindsey Coulthard and Lynne McEwan who taught us about how much nursing has changed from Florence Nightingale’s time right through to what life is like for modern day nurses.  They brought a special silver lamp which belongs to the nurses of Gloucestershire; we had to be very careful with it because it was worth a lot of money and was very precious!  We thoroughly enjoyed their visit and it even inspired some of us to want to become nurses in the future.

Over the coming weeks we are looking forward to learning about other significant historical figures such as Neil Armstrong, Alexander Graham Bell and Queen Elizabeth 1.