Life Bus!

Recently children in Year 5 enjoyed visiting the Life Bus  where we learnt lots about keeping our bodies healthy and how to deal with tricky social situations.


First, as a class we discussed the relative importance of: feeling safe and secure, having friends, giving and receiving attention, spending time on our own, having control over choices we make and being made to feel good about ourselves.


We then moved on to think about how drugs can affect the bodies and how we can make informed decisions about what we put in our bodies. Having discussed the difference between illegal and legal drugs, we focused on the physical effects of nicotine on the body and the reasons why people might choose to smoke. Alcohol was also discussed and an engaging 'alien TV report' summarised some of the key short term and long term effects of this drug on the body. Rather amazingly, we found out that there is currently no legal age restriction for e- cigarettes which we were very surprised by!


During our session we also considered how peer pressure can affect the choices we make and how being assertive and having strong, positive body language can influence the outcome of situations- valuable lessons for us all in school and in our daily lives.


Thank you to the Life Bus team!