Local Area Walk

On Monday the 17th November, Year 3 put on their wellies and set out on a walk around the local area. The walk was part of the children’s work in History, looking at how Leckhampton has changed over time. Our walk started with a visit from Wilbur the pig, and then through the allotments, seeing how different people used the land. We then carefully crossed over the muddy fields and down to Mrs Evans’ cottage, where she talked about how her cottage has changed over time and what the old well and out-houses were used for. We then walked through another muddy field and explored where the moat used to be and what it was used for. Mrs Wilkinson then showed us round the graveyard outside St Peter’s Church including Edward Wilson’s grave. To end our walk we walked back along Church Road, leading to the war memorial and then back into school. We all enjoyed our walk around the local area very much and Year 3 would like to thank all of the teachers, teaching assistants and parent helpers who came with us