Year Two have been exploring riddles in English this term. We read lots of different riddles and had great fun trying to solve them!

We then went on to write our own riddles about different fruits; here are two of our riddles for you to puzzle over…


You find me in a bunch.

When I am unripe my skin is green like peas in a pod.

I am yellow like sand on a beach.

My shape is like a smile on your face.

You have to peel me to eat me.

Monkeys like me for their tea!

What am I?

By Finley Buttle (Class 5)


You enjoy me in the Summer.

I grow on a plant.

One of my friends is cream.

When I am not ripe I am as green as the grass.

Often I am as small as a mouse.

My seeds are always on the outside.

Usually I am red.

What am I?

By Lucy Morgan (Class 6)