Year 2 Visit Warwick Castle

Wow! An incredible day at Warwick Castle ….. so much to see and hear and do. Year 2 thought it was AWESOME!!! A big “Thank You” to – all the adults that came with us and to the pupils who were great ambassadors for our school – well behaved despite bubbling with excitement, interest and enthusiasm.

Excerpts from Class 5 Recounts On Tuesday 2nd June Year 2 visited Warwick Castle. I went in a vast double decker. It took a long time. When we got there we went to the toilets. Soon we were walking down to the castle. (Milly) We went through the portcullis. I thought it was quite special. Then we had a quick snack and we went to have our photos taken up on the mound. We were squished in for the photo like pencils in the tin! (Hannah) As we went down the mound we could hear the peacocks squawking like a parrot. Behind the hedges we spotted some small blue heads with tiny eyes looking at us! Next we went to the Trebuchet. It fired a 18 kilo boulder well over 100 metres … the rock was gigantic (thank goodness it wasn’t a rotten animal or a tortured person’s head otherwise I wouldn’t have had my lunch!!) Soon we went to the Falconry display. Marvin the sea eagle was the youngest one there. Archie the Bald eagle was the eldest one. His head was as white as snow. Archie flew out of sight and then came straight out of the huge fluffy clouds. It was AWESOME! We also saw a white backed vulture called Dyson. (We won’t tell you how he got his name it is too disgusting!!!) (Alex) After that we went deep down into the bottom of the castle which is called a cellar. It is where the poor people work. I was very scared but in the end I wasn’t. (Isla) I was shocked how dark it was, in fact I almost wanted to get back outside. But my eyes got used to it and there were two light bits. One of them is where the boys learn to do archery. (Romilly) We went to the rich people’s place in the castle. I wouldn’t like the bedroom. There were no windows… you would not know if it was night or day! (Skye) AT THE END ………. We stumbled back to the coach and went back to school. The trip was a moment I’ll never forget! (Alex)

Excerpts from Class 6 Recounts We set off to Warwick Castle it took a long time on the coach. At last we arrived. It was hot on the coach so I was glad to get out. First we went to climb up the Mound it was quite high up! Then we started to walk down. We were seeing the peacocks. “They are beautiful” I thought. (Lauren) The female ones are ones that haven’t got much colour and the male ones are the coloured ones. We saw a peacock open its feathers and everyone rushed to see it! (Holly) I saw a river and finally we saw the peacocks. Next we saw the trebuchet firing, it was amazing. It went the speed of 150 mph. Then we saw the birds of prey. My favourite one was the Bald Eagle which had a shiny yellow beak. Later we saw the scary King Maker. He was preparing for battle. (Oliver H) Finally we went inside where the wealthy people live and we even went into a bedroom. Then we all went home on the double decker coach. I sat at the bottom with the tables and cup holders. My favourite bits were the Birds of Prey and the inside of the castle. (Holly)