E Safety Day

On Thursday 12th November 2015, Year 5 had their E-Safety Day. A lady called Emily came in to help us learn how to keep safe on the internet.

In the morning, Emily taught us the script of a play called ‘The Three Clicks’. It was about how people made mistakes on the internet and how they could change what they did wrong. Alder did Part 1 and Rowan did Part 2. Emily was very helpful and she was very good at helping Year 5 learn the script.

After lunch, we went in to the hall to practise one last time before the parents came. We were nervous but excited at the same time. While Alder did Part 1 of ‘The Three Clicks’, Rowan sat at the side nicely, waiting for our turn to go up on stage.

When it was Rowan’s turn, Ieesha went to the front and announced Part 2 of the play. The main part of our section was about a girl called Nicki (played by Ella), who had taken a picture of Claire (played by Frankie) bending over. This picture then spread all over the world on the internet. Everyone was sending mean comments about it and laughing. We learned that you have to be careful what you post on the internet, as it can turn into a big problem.

The play had a motto in it, which was –‘Think First, Click Clever, Click Safe, Click Cool.’ Whenever someone in the play was doing something on the internet that wasn’t right, we had to say the motto and do the actions.

Afterwards, the audience started clapping.  Year 5 stood up and said the motto one more time, and took a bow. All the parents enjoyed it.

We found the day very fun and it taught us how to be safe on the internet. Thank you to Emily for teaching us and helping us learn more about E-Safety.

By Jessamy Hollinghurst, Alice North and Mabel Kontou-Goymer (Rowan Class)