E-Safety Workshop

During a recent e-safety workshop, the Year 4 classes had a great time learning about safe internet use with Emily from the One-Day-WorkShop Team.

Amongst many other things, the children learnt how important it is to have a ‘strong’ password containing lower case and upper case letters, as well as letter and numbers which only the user should know. Emily taught us about our rights to ‘block’ other game-users on the internet and when necessary when we should report users to ensure that we can get involved in games without the worry of inappropriate or threatening behaviour ruining our fun.

The children loved practising applying these ideas through fun role-play activities which saw pupils donning masks to become Superheroes (‘DEFLECTOR!’) who could deflect inappropriate questions from unknown users while ‘within’ an internet game itself.

Cyber-bullying was also discussed and the children went home, better ‘armed’ for dealing with some of the realities that using the internet throws at us all.