Reception Outdoor Learning Day

On a lovely warm Thursday morning in July all the reception children set off into the school grounds for the day, in search of fun and excitement and they found plenty.

In the conservation area the children took bug pots and hunted for mini beasts, finding slugs snails, spiders and other creepy crawlies in amongst the long grass and around the pond.

All 75 children helped create a really colourful outdoor weaving which continues to brighten up the woodland area. They also each produced two of their own pieces of nature art by pressing leaves onto calico and modelling a mini-beast creature using dough for the body and sticks, stones and leaves etc. for the limbs and features.

Lunchtime allowed the children chance to find their favourite spot in amongst the trees and willow to eat their packed lunch picnic with friends.

Sitting in the shade of the trees they used potato peelers to whittle away the bark on willow sticks and then used their stick to toast a yummy marshmallow over the fire in the woodland area.

Working as a class, they played games using a giant parachute, swapping places underneath it, bouncing balls on top of it and making it into a tent.

By 3 o’clock, the children were really tired, hot and sweaty, had marshmallow sticky faces, mucky hands and muddy knees, but best of all, great big smiles. A fabulous day was had by all!