Reception Visit to the Cotswold Farm Park

On Friday, 29th April three very excited classes of Reception children set off for The Cotswold Farm Park.  Many of the children had never been on a coach before, so the journey was great fun!

Upon arriving, we enjoyed the drink and fruit snack we had brought with us, so we had plenty of energy to enjoy our day out.

We started our day all together learning about how which animals produce milk and how it is taken from the animals to make a variety of foodstuffs. The children enjoyed sitting on the straw bales to find out how goats are milked using a milking machine.

Next we split into our Class groups where each class took it in turns to explore the Farm Park, looking at all the different animals. What a lot of animals there are!

We learned about how eggs are hatched using an incubator and we even held some baby chicks and ducklings.  They were tiny and we had to be very careful not to drop them! We all had the opportunity to stroke the rabbits and guinea pigs in the touch barn.  Some of them were very wriggly!

We loved going on the tractor ride!  It was very bumpy and we had to hold on tight!  We had a good view of all the different animals who live at the Farm Park.  Some even stayed asleep as we went by!

Lunch was another highlight of the day, where we all enjoyed our tasty packed lunches and avoided the snow flurry!

Needless to say, the coach ride home was much quieter than on the way there!

We all had a fabulous first school trip and we`re looking forward to the next one in Year 1!

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