Victorian Day

Recently, Year 5 spent a day learning about the Victorians and experienced what it was like to be child approximately 150 years ago.

In the morning, we watched a drama production where we were sent back in time to Victorian London and learnt about the struggles of the poor. Afterwards, the classes had a chance to take part in their own drama performances and the children played a variety of Victorian characters from great inventors to child labourers!

After that, the children had a Victorian lesson where they experienced the class work, routines and teaching of an authentic Victorian classroom. We also discovered what punishments you could receive for breaking the rules, including finger stocks and the dunce’s hat!

In the afternoon, the children also got to examine some genuine artefacts from the Victorian age and had fun playing some traditional parlour games.

We would like to say a massive thank you to FOLPS for their kind support of this wonderful if slightly terrifying day!