Reception Visit from the Police

IMG_6462The children in Reception have enjoyed finding out how the Police help us. First we learned how to keep safe when we are out and who to speak to if we get lost.

We had prepared some questions for the Police to answer, so that we can learn more about the important job that they do. We had a lot of questions!

Next we met two of the police dogs. The dogs were even more excited than we were! We loved seeing the dogs and one of the dogs found some money which had been hidden in the classroom! Very clever!

Lastly we went outside to see the police car. We loved watching one of the dogs find some `money` outside and we thought the dog was very clever.

A BIG thank you to our Police visitors, we all had a lovely time!


On a more serious note, the Police have stressed to us the importance of ALL the children knowing three key pieces of information:

  1. Our parents names e.g John Smith (not just Daddy!)
  2. Our home telephone number
  3. Our address

We would therefore be very grateful if you would help your child to become secure in this knowledge. We were a little surprised at how few children were confident in this knowledge.