What can I do for others?

What Can I Do For Others?

This is the question we have been trying to answer in RE this term.

In circle time we found out about different people in the community who help us; this also linked in with our learning in RE and prompted us to think about using our talents to help others.

We read some stories from the Bible about Jesus helping others and thought about the message that these stories give to Christians. We considered ways in which we could help people at home, at school and in the wider world and what sacrifices we might need to make in order to do this.

Over the last few weeks we have been putting our learning into practice by helping to build a bug hotel in the conservation area.  In doing this we have supported Mr Seeley and the work of the Eco team as well as some of the wildlife in the school grounds.

We have had lots of fun whilst undertaking this project and have discovered how good it feels to help others.  We are excited at the prospect of seeing all the little creatures who will be attracted to the bug hotel and we hope that everyone who visits the conservation will also enjoy the results of our work.

Here are two reflections from pupils:

We have been learning about helping others in RE and decided to help with the bug hotel. By doing this we are helping the bugs, Mr Seeley, the Eco team and the whole school.

We are feeling happy, proud and excited because the entire school will see our work we did! (Look at the picture above).

We hope other people are enjoying it as well, like my class, my teachers, other teachers, the school Eco team and Mr Seeley.  We have worked very hard on the bug hotel although it was very fun! But I was a bit late! I never got my things in. But it doesn’t matter because I can make my own!

By Saskia (Willow)


In our lesson, RE we have been thinking about being helpful to others around the school and people at home. That is what we have been doing. We are helping Mr Seeley and his class make a ‘Bug Hotel’.

We are feeling extremely excited and very proud and last but not least happy.  We are excited because we want to see what our Bug Hotel is going to look like!  Also we are proud because we’ve seen a bit of it and all of us think that it is great!  And we are happy because all that we have done is us, no-one else just us!

We think you will agree, that it is looking good and we hope other people will think it is absolutely great as well and you will love it more when it’s done!

By Frankie (Lime)