Year 4 visit Cheddar Gorge

On a blustery, cold day in November, children in Year 4 travelled back in time (and along the M5) to Cheddar Gorge to learn more about Stone Age life. During the visit, children experienced what cave-life might have been like for the cannibalistic tribe which once lived in Gough’s cave, thousands of years ago. Across the road from the cave, the museum held lots more information on cave-painting and weapons and while many of the children might say that visiting the shop was exciting (!), many of us felt that meeting ‘Ug’, a stone age man, was a highlight. Dressed in animal hides and a rather fetching matted wig, Ug demonstrated flint knapping, how weapons were made and how fire was created and carried from place to place by the hunter- gatherers.

Unlike our Stone Age friends, we had the good fortune to have a camera- enjoy the photos!