Year 4 visit to Butser Ancient Farm

Recently children in Year 4 were excited to be the first to try out a brand new trip to Butser Ancient Farm as a grand finale for our Anglo-Saxon topic.

The farm, made up of a number of iron- age houses, a Roman Villa and an Anglo-Saxon house, is nestled in a lush green valley, surrounded by rolling hills with newly born lambs.

Blessed with bright sunshine and a cloudless sky, the children enjoyed a range of traditional crafts including wattling with hazel branches, daubing, using mud, chalk and grass, clay pot- making and spinning, using Manx Lochton lambs-wool.  Clearly getting their hands covered in mud was a highlight of the trip whereas the spinning of wool was perhaps a little more tricky to do! Meeting Tango a 3-day old lamb was also a highlight of the day.

‘It was the best trip ever!’ commented many in our happy group.

Many thanks to our wonderful parent helpers and support staff.