Year 5 visit to Natural History Museum

The day started early as we had to be at school by 7:20 AM otherwise the bus would leave without us. After having the register taken, the year started to pile onto the double Decker private bus. It was long and tedious journey with not a lot to do, however at about 1 and a quarter hours in, we stopped at a service station to have a break. When we reached the historical city of London, the first thing we saw was the porche car garage! After that we arrived at the museum and were amazed at its size. Then we noticed the Diplodocus standing in the main hall.

After that we had a meeting with the year and then went to explore the museum starting off in the green zone with the bugs and the Diplodocus. Afterwards, we had lunch at 11:30 AM. Then, we went for a talk in the Attenborough studio called ‘Rocks the house’ about our topic on natural disasters. We then went to the blue zone with mammals such as the blue whale which was 30 metres long! We saw other mammals such as the antelope. Last of all, we went to the red zone which we spent longest in as it was about our topic. There we experienced the earthquake simulator and seeing how volcanoes work then we saw the minerals and on our way back we went to the shop before leaving the grand city in the horizon.

By James E and Max (Alder)



As we walked to school, an exciting feeling filled our stomachs! When we all arrived at school it was time to get on the bus. It was a 2 ½ hour journey to London. We sat at the front next to Ella and Betsy.  We played lots of games and had lots of fun!


After a very long bus journey, we finally arrived at the museum! Everyone was very excited and couldn’t wait to get in! Before we even got in the Museum, lots of people were taking photos.


First we went to the discovery zone and dropped off our bags and had a snack.

After that we went to the blue zone. After that, we walked to the Attenborough room to have a talk about earthquakes and volcanoes. Lily was asked to make custard to show the force between tectonic plates.  When she picked it up, she squeezed the custard into a ball and when she let it go, it turned into liquid again. Then we looked around the rest of the Blue Zone – animals, mammals, reptiles and human biology.J


After exploring part of the Museum, we stopped off for lunch.


Later we explored the Green Zone – birds, fossils and creepy crawlies.  Finally, we looked around the Red Zone – VOLCANOES AND EARTHQUAKES!!!  First we travelled up the earth’s crust escalator and then we went on the earthquake simulator – It was great!!

Last of all, we went to the shop! We both bought a bracelet, even though the things there were very nice. (Everything was very expensive and we could only bring £5)

Finally, when year 5 had brought their things, we got on the bus it was chucking it down with rain !!

It was a long and hot  journey home! But we had a wonderful time and made it home safe!!

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