Year 6 Autumn Term 1 Report

We are four weeks in and the children are more familiar with their surroundings! We’ve had House Captain Elections, class worship and are about to start Bikeability.

Over the Summer Holidays the children were asked to research and present work on Sitting Bull or General Custer. There were some excellent ideas, including a news report from The Battle of Little Bighorn and an animated retelling of the story. This has really helped the children produce their first piece of writing – a biography of either General Custer or Sitting Bull.

It is often a pleasure to read the children’s response to newspaper articles as part of the Current Affairs work. There have been some thoughtful responses to wide-ranging topics.

The children have produced some delightful sketches of shells as part of our Art & Design focus. We have revised mark making, including cross and contour hatching, scumbling and random hatching to produce texture in their pencil work. The children have also looked at the work of Vincent Van Gogh, particularly his pencil sketches.

In the remaining weeks we will be visiting the Life Bus (thank you FOLPS) and the Literature Festival. House Captains will need to start thinking about their first event – the annual House Tug of War competition!