Biome project

In year 6 we have been learning different biomes! Biomes are different climate zones around the world. These include tundra, grasslands, deserts, deciduous forests, oceans and many more.  We learned the characteristics of the different biomes, including the unique habitats and wildlife that belong to each. To show what we have learned, in groups we created an ambitious presentation using various forms of media and technology. A green screen was utilised to construct a scene that encapsulated the biome our group was focusing on, and this proved to be great fun as well as challenging.  Year 6 showed tremendous innovation and imagination in carrying out this task, and took great pride in sharing their project with the rest of their class!

Ella Conway  –  “This project was really exciting because we got to use different types of multimedia!”

Abi – “it was great that different groups got to do their own biome. It meant we could really focus on ours and also learn from the other groups!”


Sam – “It was fun seeing what  we could put together using the different technology that our school had, it really helped us show what had learned!”