Cursive handwriting in Reception

In Oak and Elm classes we have been working  incredibly hard on our handwriting.  We learn how to form two new letters each week.  Over the course of the week we enjoy five different activities in a rotation that help us to master the formation of these new letters.

We use the ‘Doodle Buddy’ programme on the mini iPads where we practise writing each letter with our finger on the screen

Picture 1Picture 2

We enjoy forming the letters on huge pieces of sugar paper using mixed media.

Picture 3Picture 4

Another activity involves using mini sand trays in which we form the letters of the week.

Picture 5

We also enjoy using the ‘big boards’ available in our classrooms.  These include the teachers’ Smart Boards and easels (which we love!) as well as the big white boards in our Writing Areas.

Picture 6

Picture 7

The fifth and final activity involves us tracing over ‘dotty letters’ and paying special attention to how the new letters sit on the line.

Picture 8

Picture 9By the time we have all enjoyed each of these activities we have become confident at forming our letters of the week and we are all really enjoying learning to write using the continuous cursive script.