Fun on the Farm

On Friday 12th May Oak and Elm classes arrived at school with backpacks, wellies and waterproofs at the ready.  We clambered aboard the waiting coaches and buckled up ready for the gentle drive through the Cotswolds to our destination – Cotswold Farm Park.  On arrival we enjoyed our snack and milk al fresco before quickly heading off for a milking demonstration.  After this we split in to groups and enjoyed some fabulous experiences including a tractor safari across the ‘humpty-dump’ field, holding chicks and ducklings as well as stroking an enormous grey rabbit.  We also found time to visit all the animals living on the farm and enjoyed eating our lunch in the new safari-style tents.  We were blessed with the weather – showers when we were inside and bright, warm sunshine whenever we stepped outside!  It was a magical day and all the children were wonderfully well behaved and great company.