Guy Fawkes

As part of our Crime and Punishment topic in year 6, we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot and why we celebrate bonfire night in the way that we do on November 5th.  We carried out some research on him, and discovered that in fact he wasn’t the chief protagonist in the plot, but a man called Robert Catesby led a group of men to kill King James I, such was their anger at how Catholics were being treated in this country.  We then had an amazing debate about what happened all those years ago at the Houses of Parliament. Half of the class was on the side of Robert Catesby and the Catholics, whilst the other half argued against them.  Things became quite heated and we spoke with passion and knowledge.  Best of all, we now know the truth behind the historic events of November 5th 1605, or do we?