Jonah – a report by Frankie, Year 3

On Wednesday 15th March, Leckhampton Primary School, the hall in which the production was to be performed, was buzzing with excitement as the starting music began to play.

First the children began to walk down, two by two, heads high and confident steps. Next they stood or sat in their positions listening and acting as the sunbathers in the first scene delivered their lines without hesitation.

In the next scene the smart sailors with their smart neckerchiefs came smartly to the stage (their boat). The scene was confidently delivered and the audience received it with thoughts of understanding and proud statements that could only mean that they loved the performance.

All the scenes were hard for the children but they kept at it with perseverance.

Year 3 did fantastically in the production and showed the audience what they were made of. All the children smiled even when something went wrong. It was amazing.

(To see photos of this amazing performance, please check out the gallery).