Reception Lunches

Our Reception children have very quickly settled in to their lunchtime routine and we have all been so impressed by them.

The children carefully wash their hands, collect their ‘lunch bands’ and join in with a lunchtime prayer in their classrooms before heading down to the dinner hall.  The children are helped to pop their coats on a seat and they then line up ready to collect their delicious lunches.  They have learnt to hold ‘the ears’ of their lunch tray to carry it safely to their place.  We have seen some wonderful use of knives and forks and some very clean lunch trays!  Once happily refuelled the children clear away their trays and cutlery, with the help of our fabulous Year 5 pupils, before heading out to the playground for their lunchtime play.

We hope you enjoy this selection of photographs of lunchtime in full flow!