What’s It Like Outside?

Oak and Elm classes have enjoyed becoming immersed in their new topic – ‘What’s it like outside?’  Each class has thought of lots of questions that they would like to discover the answers to over the course of the term for example, why does our weather change from hot to cold and how is a rainbow made?

As part of their Creative Development, the children have been exploring colour and how colours can be changed when they are mixed.  Lots of beautiful umbrellas have appeared on the walls of Oak and Elm classes showing the results of the children’s explorations.

In the Woodland area the children have been working hard to build wind chimes and they have learnt to recognise that wind is moving air.  The arrival of ‘Storm Doris’ last week was an amazing illustration to us all of the power and strength of wind.

Many weather-themed texts, including numerous ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ stories by Nick Butterworth, as well as ‘Mrs Mopple’s Washing’ by Anita Hewett, have been shared and enjoyed by us all.

We look forward to our nature walk later this week where we will be identifying the signs of spring as well as thinking about creating ‘Creation tables’ in our classrooms.