Year 3 History Walk

Children in Year 3 really enjoyed their local area history walk. Here are some of the things they have written about what they learned…..

(Saskia) First we went to the allotments, the allotments belonged to the church and part of it used to be an orchard. Some of the land still belongs to the church but now some belongs to the council.

(Holly) At Moat Cottage (Mrs Evans’s house) there is a well about five hundred years old.  A part of Moat Cottage is made of wattle and daub which is mostly cowpats and twigs.  It is four hundred years old.

(James) I was surprised there was once a moat but now it is dry.  There was evidence that it was surrounded by trees and that there used to be a house there in medieval times.

(Frankie) We came to a place that used to be a farm where they milked cows; it is now a factory unit and an auction house.  The people near the farm used to get their milk from here.

(Thomas) Soon we reached the Lych gate, it’s like the church’s archway.  I discovered that the vicar used to give food, drink or money to the poor.

(William) Inside the churchyard there is a new grave.  It remembers a person who died in the Second World War.  We saw Edward Wilson’s grave even though he is not buried there. He is still in Antarctica.

(Charlie) Next we went to the war memorial.  It was made in World War 1 by stone from the quarry

To see some of these places of interest please take a look at our photos in the gallery.