Year 6 Compose

Friday afternoons have become very exciting and Year Six is especially the place to be if you want to get toe-tapping.

With funding made available from our wonderful  friends at FOLPS, we have been able to provide all children in Year Six with a ten-week music technology course.  Over the next couple of months, each child will be able to create their own musical composition using “Garage Band” which we hope we can share on the website in the future.  The company who are helping us with this venture are called “Music Works” and so far they have enabled our pupils to experience the Smart Instruments and know how to trigger them. In the coming weeks they will learn about changes in rhythm and tempo, build chord progressions, layer up sounds, use loops, structure their compositions, record and evaluate their own and others’ work.

We are all looking forward to having a listen to your work Year Six – good luck.

A huge thank you to FOLPS for funding this opportunity.