Egyptian Day

This term in year 6, we brought the era of Ancient Egypt to life! Both children and staff arrived in school dressed as an array of Egyptian characters – year 6 appeared colourful and excited for the day ahead!  Egyptian day began with a rundown of when and where Ancient Egyptians existed.  We learned about the phenomenal achievements of their civilisation, and the way in which they utilised the Nile to enable their lifestyle.  Following this, we had a real treat as we were given the opportunity to touch and observe an assortment of Ancient Egyptian artefacts.  We were tasked with sketching some of the artefacts whilst guessing as to what each artefact was and what it was used for, before using Ipads to research exactly what they were to see if we were correct.  The morning ended with a dance and a sing song, as we used ‘Just Dance’ to learn the famous song: “Walk Like an Egyptian.”  After lunch, we became artistic! After learning about the background and importance of Egyptian hieroglyphics, we painted our very own cartouche with our name on!

The day was a massive success, after not only being informative, but great fun too!