2017 Leckhampton House Tug of War Competition


Under threatening skies that matched fittingly the determination etched on the faces below, 24 key stage two boys and girls from each of our 4 proud houses congregated on our school field to compete for the prestigious Tug of War House trophy. The competition was intense and the enormity of the event was thick in the air. In front of their adoring fans, all participants gave their all, and such was the perseverance and determination of our competitors, there will be many an aching limb in the days to come. There could be only one winner, however, as St David, lead by House Captains George Thorogood and Eleanor Wood, took the title by the slimmest of margins over an impressive St Patrick team. Screeches of delight from the St David supporters, along with the generous applause rippling from the other three houses, rang around the school grounds, concluding a joyous and heroic afternoon at Leckhampton.