Active Lunch Scheme

Last week saw the launch of our ‘Active Lunch Scheme’ with Class 8 pupils.  This scheme has been set up following analysis of our Sports Premium Funding Questionnaire which was sent out before Christmas.  This questionnaire identified that our Year 3 pupils often miss out on extra-curricular sporting opportunities and so we have targeted this year group with some of our funding.  Each class in year 3 are going to receive a 10 week block of Dodgeball coaching from a professional coach during their lunchtime on a Tuesday. 

So far it has been a great success.  Here is a quote from 2 Class 8 pupils after their first 2 weeks of coaching:


“Our coach is called Mrs. Williams and we all had a brilliant time learning to play Dodgeball and keeping fit at the same time!
” (James Chappell-Smith and Catherine Smith)