Basketball WOW Day

This week, a truly unforgettable visitor came to Leckhampton Primary School. He not only gave all of our children the opportunity to try an exciting sport, but he left us all with a valuable message that we can take with us throughout our lives.  Paul Sturgess, Britain’s tallest man and the world’s tallest professional basketball player, wowed us with some of the skills and tricks that led him to him to play for the world famous Harlem Globetrotters and many other professional basketball teams all around the world.  Paul and his colleague, Mark Waters, spent time with every class and worked through fun drills and exercises.  The message that Paul concluded the day with, though, was the most powerful aspect of the day.  The idea that whoever we are, no matter what our differences or challenges might be, we can still achieve greatness and find happiness – was utterly inspiring.  An emphasis on hard work, dedication and an appreciation for looking after our bodies through a healthy diet and regular exercise was also hammered home.  Overall, everyone at Leckhampton had an enjoyable and incredibly inspiring day.