Cheltenham Music Festival 2014

Wednesday 7th May was a busy day for musicians across the school as both the Infant Music Group and the Wind Band took part in the festival at Cheltenham Town Hall.

 In the morning, the Infant Music Group set off for the Town Hall and competed in the Infant music making category of the festival. They performed a super composition entitled “Playing For Time” in which they all played two different instruments and demonstrated their skills in performing sounds loudly and quietly, keeping rhythms and adding in songs and vocal effects. The children then enjoyed watching the other performances before receiving very positive feedback from the adjudicator.

 In the afternoon the Wind Band set off, with some last minute changes due to illness, and performed in the Ensembles category. They had to wait while the other ensembles performed as they were last to perform in this category. They performed their pieces very well and demonstrated their skills in playing on a range of instruments, including percussion, and in working together. They also received very positive feedback from the adjudicator. She also offered them extra homework in case they were concerned about missing an afternoon of school!

Miss Gill and Mrs Grover were really pleased with how well both groups performed in their categories and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We would like to say a huge thank you to the children for all their hard work and dedication in attending rehearsals at lunchtimes as well as to the parents who helped us out on the day or who came to support us at the Town Hall. A huge well done to everyone involved.


Wind Band

Infant Music Group