Cheltenham & North Tewkesbury Level 2 Primary School Tag Rugby Festival

On Tuesday 19th April Mr Carbin and I took two teams to the annual festival. On an increasingly warm day both teams put in some fine performances.

At the end of the morning pools the A squad were first placed, having not lost a single game, and the B squad 5th placed. This meant that in the afternoon the A squad played for the Shield (the top-ranked competition) whilst the B squad played for the Plate.

After 8 exhausting matches the A squad finished 4th overall (out of 48 teams) and the B squad 2nd in their division. Both teams came away with medals and a bag of goodies!

The A squad have now qualified for the Level 3 Regional Finals, to be played next week.

I would like to thank all the parents who supported the event and the children who played with great vigour, determination and a sense of fair play.