Community Tree Planting 13th March 2014

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon over 30 children and parents attended the tree planting event. This was organised so that we could enhance the school grounds and provide habitats for a wider range of birds and invertebrates.

I had requested 30 saplings from the Woodland Trust and they were delivered last week. They included the following varieties: Rowan, Birch and Cherry. I have set aside one of each to replace some of the trees lost as a result of the building work in the Quad.

After demonstrating the ‘T-notch’ technique for planting, the children organised themselves in to groups, with the older children helping the younger ones. The saplings were then marked with a plastic cone until we can fit a proper plastic collar and supporting stake.

We were also able to use the brand-new spades supplied by the Let’s Grow Campaign earlier this year.

The ECO Council now needs to organise a watering rota so that our lovely new trees remain healthy.

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the event.


Mr Seeley demonstrating the ‘T-notch’ method of planting to the masses