Cross Country

Year 3 boys started and the result were out soon. St Patrick won by three precious points. Now it was the girls turn. The girls were so tightly packed together it was hard to make out who was in the lead, but we can safely say St David won that.

Now it was the Yr 4’s turn. They zoomed around the track in a couple of minutes. They were past the finish soon because they were very quick. The winners were Patrick by four points ahead of the other teams. The girls were up, it was close but now the winners were Gerge and Patrick.

Then it was the Yr 5’s turn now. They were all a blur because they were so speedy. Evan Holt, a runner stated: ‘It was heart beating but I ran as fast as I could!’

Soon the Yr 6’s were up. Andrew won in both by a small margin.

Overall it was a very good day. We can safely say Patrick won though! grin

Results Table:

Results table