Cross Country

Boys Cross Country Report

6th October 2011


After a successful race from the girls and lots of cheering from the sidelines it was the boys turn. The boys packed into their starting positions where 146 boys nervously waited. The whistle finally blew and there was a stamped of footprints as the boys charged towards the front of the runners. Benjamin Rook forced his way towards the front followed by Seth Price, Henry Morrison and Arron Peters. The boys ran round the field then out of sight, we waited in anticipation as they ran out onto the road and up the hill it wasn’t long before they sprinted back into the park with Benjamin still holding second position.  The finish line seemed like a blur as the boys charged across it to claim their finishing position.



Benjamin Rook – 2nd

Seth Price – 18th

Henry Morrison – 24th

Arron Peters – 29th

Harry Carmichael – 48th

Angus Hall – 59th

William Dutton – 74th