Digital Leaders at Leckhampton!

Thank you to everyone who applied for this new initiative at Leckhampton; we received more than fifty applications! They were all very well written and a pleasure to read.

I spoke to all the applicants this morning to thank them for their applications and the time and effort that they had put into them.

This afternoon Mrs Merrett and I interviewed a short list of fifteen applicants for five minutes each. Can we say what an absolute pleasure it was to talk to your articulate children and hear their thoughts and ideas. Unfortunately not all the children could be successful and I have spoken to the unsuccessful candidates and thanked them for their time and told them what a delight it was to talk to them.

I have also spoken to the successful candidates and congratulated them on being our first team of Digital Leaders.

The successful candidates are: Ben Tilley, Daniel Morgan, Erica Rosser, Evie Addison-Evans, Florence Ballinger, Emily Cannon, Innes Peek, Harvey Peyman, Lottie Maurice.

Congratulations to these children and we look forward to working with you.

Mrs Crompton, ICT Lead.