As a school we recognise the importance of e-safety both at home and school. All year groups regularly cover e-safety in their ICT lessons or as part of cross curricular lessons allowing quick reminders of how to keep safe. To support this we had an e-safety day at school. In reception and Year 1 we read an e-book focussing on how to keep yourself safe when using technology. We learnt a song to help remind us what to do. ‘Before you click, click, click you need to think, think, think and tell someone.’

The rest of the school watched an assembly led by the Digital Leaders explaining the SMART rules of keeping safe.


SAFE Keep your personal information safe
MEET Friends made online are strangers; meeting them can be dangerous
ACCEPTING Accepting files can be dangerous. If unsure, ask an adult
RELIABLE Not everyone or everything online is reliable or trustworthy
TELL Always tell an adult if something online upsets or worries you

The children then designed a poster for covering the SMART rules. The best poster have been laminated and are displayed in the classroom. Attached are the winning posters; we couldn’t choose one favourite!

Class 5- Isla Rowberry

Class 6- Charlotte Hygate, Holly Walton

Class 7- Thomas Smith

Class 8- Olivia Perkins

Class 9- Catherine Smith

Class 10- Erin Harris, Daniel Morgan, Jessamy Hollinghurst

Class 11- Christian Fuller

Class 12- Annabelle Goodrum

Class 13- Emily Cannon, Emily Hughes, Isobelle Clemmens

Class 14- Anna Maddocks